Goodbye Earth (Soundtrack from the Netflix Series)

Goodbye Earth (Soundtrack from the Netflix Series) song download

Goodbye Earth Full Songs Free Download

An asteroid is on course to crash into Earth in 200 days and destroy the planet. The world soon learns of the news and falls into confusion.

Jin Se Kyung works as a middle-school teacher in Woongchun City. She learns about the impending end of the world. She decides to quit her job and do volunteer work at a child and youth division in city hall. She struggles to save children in danger. Her boyfriend of many years is Ha Yoon Sang. He currently works as a researcher at a biotechnology research institute in the United States. After news of the end of the world is released, he flies back to South Korea to be with Jin Se Kyung.


Woo Sung Jae is an assistant priest at a Catholic Church. The presiding priest at the church ran away after news broke out about the approaching asteroid. Woo Sung Jae now takes care of the parishioners at the church. Kang In A is a commander of a combat support battalion. She goes around Woongchun City, which has been ruined, to provide supplies, transport and security.


Track Listing

1. Revolution (Hwang Sang Jun) 3:15
2. Pray (3rd time) 3:35
3. Gloomy Day (Hwang Sang Jun) 3:33
4. Till the End (Noh Hyung Woo) 4:59
5. Distopia (Ma Sang Woo) 4:31
6. Day and Night (Ryu Ji Yeon) 2:11
7. D-1 (Lee Tae Hyun) 3:40
8. Protect (Park Eun Ji) 3:02
9. Remember (Noh Hyung Woo) 4:17
10. Moment (Lee Tae Hyun) 3:00
11. Foe (Ma Sang Woo) 3:55
12. Helpless (Ryu Ji Yeon) 5:51
13. Dooms Day (Park Eun Ji) 3:43
14. Void (Lee Tae Hyun) 3:23
15. House (Ryu Ji Yeon) 4:10
16. Identity (Sang Min Lee) 3:13
17. True (Park Eun Ji) 3:12
18. Oktokki (Junjaman) 1:55
Total Album Time: 65:25

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